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It is of course almost impossible in our type of society for political congresses of this nature to hold without untoward incidents. A major reason for this is that in our type of societies power is a major means of production, material accumulation and dispensation of privileges

The truth is that since the US Congress passed the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act, (which recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided capital”), US presidential candidates including Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barrack Obama had made moving the US capital to Jerusalem a campaign issue. None delivered. Trump, who came to power on a wave of right wing nationalism, wanted to convince his base and the Jewish lobby that he is not all rhetoric.

Now that the military’s Operation Python Dance II exercise has managed to lower the tension in the South East (despite inconveniences to the civilian population) and IPOB’s activities have been proscribed, it is important to reflect on the lessons learnt from the whole situation

Given the above, it is difficult to ignore Nnamdi Kanu – whether you admire or loathe him. There are several questions begging for answers. How did someone, who two years ago was unknown, come to become so influential in so short a period of time across the country?  What forces propelled him to national consciousness? How come he is able to achieve such eminence among the Igbos who take pride in their republicanism and their achievement-oriented culture – despite his lack of personal accomplishment in either education or business? 

All over the world chronological age is not what it used to be – people not only live longer but also healthier. Retirement age is being increased all over the world in recognition of this and there are people in their 60s and 70s who look better and healthier than some in their 30s and 40s

Obama symbolizes the fact that we all can, in a free society, overcome the challenges imposed by the accidents of our birth, to reach our God-ordained heights. This simultaneously calls on individuals to, on the one hand dream big dreams and work hard and on the other hand fight for a just society

With the EFCC suspected to be the attack dog of any government in power since Obasanjo set it up in 2003, it has had the problem of legitimacy across the political divides amid accusations of selective targeting of the opposition and opponents of the President

The argument was that due to Africa’s high level of indebtedness resources that could have been used to develop the continent were being used to service debts. In fact by the 1990s, the word ‘crisis’ was being used to describe Africa’s debt burden