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Opposing government views was asking for death , government ran parallel killer squad, the country was heading into utter chaos but despite the intimidation, activism were on the rise, the bold did not chicken out, rather they waxed stronger, confronted the menace though with records of high fatality

Nominees come to the upper chamber and few questions were asked and in some occasions, as we witnessed in the case of former Senators Chris Ngige and Aisha Al-Hassan, no question was asked to access their credibility all because they are former colleagues. So even if they are intellectually deficient to administrate a ministry, their former position as a senator has overridden the deficiencies

Beside the high debt profiles, lack of innovations and ideas on behalf of the state chief executives is a setback. Some of these leaders are sort of new contrivances to generate revenue within their states. Though there is no doubts about the nature of the economy of these states, but an aggressive and innovative leaders will device means to bring something out of nothing. The deliberate tax evaders and avoiders have not helped the situation and yet they clamoured for basic facilities from the states

According to the Senate, between 2011 and 2015, it passed 123 bills into laws out of 591 bills presented, representing 21 per cent of the total bills introduced in the upper chamber for the period under reviewed. Forty-six of these bills were passed within 10 minutes of the last sittings in the chamber, amounting approximately to 37 per cent of total bills passed for the period of four years. By implication, the total bills passed for three years and 11 months were 77

The recent altercations among the party leadership across the country are pointers to the fact that the centre is struggling. Counter allegations of betrayal and sabotage has suddenly become songs among the gladiators; incompetency, favouritism and bad mouthing were also fingered behind the colossus exit of the giant. The wars of words between party chieftains exact the veracity of dissensus among party leaders who are brazing up for control. From the refusal of the national chairman of the party to call it a day; the calls from governors and other members on him to take the bow to the recent statement credited to President Jonathan that he was even sure that certain aide could not vote; these are indication of the damages done by the viruses and bacteria who have eaten deeply into the monstrous beast

The following day, according to one of the national dailies, The Nation to be precise, the party of the incoming government opened the stealth through its transition committee by asking for an overview of some government agencies such as the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Federal Inland Revenue Service, Nigeria Customs Service and the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation. I assume the request of knowing some facts and figures about these agencies are what formed the basis for the accusation by the Federal Government against the committee of the incoming government

It is clear that gains recorded from some of these legal tussles were enormous. At least four states changed power from one party to another through election tribunals and high court pronouncements. In as much as I agreed with the outcome of those legal tussles; efforts must be made to clearly distinguish what constitute a fraudulent elections and otherwise. It is also clear that things are getting better in the country