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That this enormously enriching book written to address a concurrent problem has come out of the ABU Press is a major achievement and a contribution to the advancement of the discussion on democracy, violent conflicts, federalism, political leadership and corruption in the context of the country’s effort at democratization

There is also a lot of concern that the country’s intelligence is porous, decrepit, shallow and ill-equipped to deal with these challenges. But the major answer to these kinds of acts is community vigilance as done in the United States and Europe

Senator Mohammed’s action amounts to saying that now that we have been reelected for second and final term (?) the Jonathan Government can best serve the people by keeping a safe distance from them so that government can concentrate on its business

The failure to give justice is an invitation to anarchy. Here, we have a party which leadership is unafraid of authority including and in particular the courts of law, which is a sure recipe for anarchy. But the party’s biggest undoing as we are witnessing today, is the scramble for offices in the 2015 elections, which has pitted the PDP state governors against an ambitious President

The governor must be seen to be haughty, even imperious. He is authoritative, even authoritarian; decisive, even ruthless and strong, even invincible. These are the ingredients of cult personality. Some governors, as you move around the country, are manifesting a form of endowment with muscular virtues. Didn’t Governor Ikedi Ohakim beat a journalist and at another time a priest inside the State House?

Anybody still in doubt about the fact that there was a motive to discredit the performing Governor of Jigawa State should go back to the statement by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and read it one more time. Apart from hinting that the young man was on a money-laundering mission for his father, it gave a further impression that the boy had been doing several trips overseas on money laundering on behalf of the governor

Jonathan does not personally suffer Boko Haram neither does Diezani Allison-Maduekwe, both of whom are in the news for the perfidy in the oil industry. After six or 10 years that he apparently aspires to do, Dr. Jonathan will one day leave office. The one who takes over from him, a Northerner or whoever it is, would not like to spend his four or eight years fixing Jonathan’s de-development of the nation

One is not, however, sure if many Nigerians would agree with the President that the strategy he announced is actually working according to plan. The “success” story announced by the President may have stemmed from the briefings he had received from his officials and state governments

I respect General Buhari’s decision not to represent the Boko Haram. That however does not make it the right decision on the matter. I don’t read crystal balls. But this unwise decision will return to hurt Buhari as leader and politician as did an earlier mistake he made in reaction to a false and malicious news report

If oil at USD150 did not deliver food, water and basic infrastructure to the teeming masses, what benefit do the ordinary people expect to get with oil at USD75 or USD80? Does it make sense to anybody at this time that both parliament and the executive get engrossed in a shouting match on whether oil is sold for USD75, USD78 or USD80 dollars when the proceeds of sale are lost, squandered, frittered, pocketed or remain unpaid with the oil majors?

The irritating thing about these lawmakers is their attempt to arrogate to themselves superior patriotism and knowledge than any other Nigerian. Our legislators are almost always critical of the conduct of others but yet they are the least tolerant of being criticised by others

For Desmond to get this compensation to heal the physical and emotional wounds, for the nation’s institutions to imbibe a lesson on the respect the rights of everyone including Journalists, there is a duty on the part of the government to ensure that the police and GTB go through the pain of paying this penalty

What has changed that Turkey has become the puppet for imperial design to rip Syria apart so as to achieve two things: one to deprive Iran of an ally in the Middle East and two, to provide Israel the comfort of a weakened Iran and Hamas?