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In present times, there is the need for not only growth and development but the sustainability of our environment and the world in general. There is a massive need for leaders, government agencies, and other stakeholders in the waste management sector to rise to the problem that is subtly endangering our very existence because the earth (our Environment) is our only home and if destroyed by poor/unsustainable waste management policies and practices, there will be no home for us to live.

AFC Capital Partners plans to raise US$500m in the next twelve months and US$2 billion over the next three years. The ICRF will act as a direct investor and a co-investment fund to enhance the quality of African ports, roads, bridges, rail, telecommunications, clean energy, and logistics in the face of rising temperatures and sea levels due to climate change. 

Out of all planets in our solar system, only Earth supports life. No proof yet that man has the adaptive features to survive on Mars—the other planet debated to have tendency of supporting life. Saving the Earth from impending doom is our collective obligation. Sustainable development which is the principal solution to climate change is capital-intensive. Consequently, in my own perspective, funds budgeted for missions to Mars should be diverted to projects that would save our planet. At least, our hope of surviving here is guaranteed if we keep up with sustainable development in our socioeconomic activities and urbanization strides, rather than chasing shadows to other planets.

The state Commissioner for Agriculture, Abisola Olusanya who disclosed this in Lagos on Tuesday at a press conference to commemorate the Y2021 International Day of Forests explained that the audit would also enable the state government ascertain what was left of its forest and biological biodiversity.