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Gerry, now the Executive Director, Global Relations Partnership and Customers Satisfaction, APS, Canada Startup Visa shared the roadmap on this during a virtual engagement with the members of the Journalists International Forum For Migration-JIFORM ahead of the body’s 4th Global Migration summit slated for Toronto between October 2-14 focusing on Climate Change, Human Mobility and Sustainable Investment.

The city of Mississauga in Ontario Canada was agog with the display of Nigeria and Africa’s rich cultural heritage at the maiden edition of The Drum Festival, (Ayan-Agalu) with the theme “Rejigging Yoruba Cultural Heritage: As Catalyst for National and International Unity, Progress and Development on July 28, 2023. The cultural fiesta which was organized by The Drum Online Media Incorporation, was well packaged and attended by the crème de la crème eminent personalities, such as government functionaries, royal fathers, political and religious leaders, cultural enthusiasts, socialites among others, from The North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, especially from Nigeria.