RCCG’s 100 days fasting and sex between couples, by Anurika Onyelemelam

It was actually supposed to be the usual, boring monotonous Sunday school class, but it turned out to be a rowdy session, with words and arguments flying like missiles round the holy sanctuary.
In retrospect, I believe it was the Sunday school teacher who went searching for wahala by the question he asked.
He wanted to know why fasting and prayer doesn’t work for some people.
A good sister got up and replied: “It’s because husbands and wives use to make love during fasting periods!”
There were sniggers from different parts of the room. But to me, it was not a laughing matter.
Now I have brought this matter before you guys. This is our parliament. Are we supposed to have sex during fasting periods or after breaking the fast?
Please for crying out loud, don’t ask me obvious questions. Of course you know that I’m talking about married couples only.
The fact that you’re single and banging is a sin anyway, let alone to be single, fasting and banging.
Hum! But I did such and enjoyed it. God forgive me ooo! You know I’m just gisting these good people. I don’t want to lie to them; because lying is a sin too.
Anyway, there was this guy I was sure I would end up marrying during our undergraduate days. He was a dedicated Muslim. We had this big idea that he being a Muslim and me being a Christian, would not stand in the way of true love. To cut to the chase here, whenever it was Muslim fasting period, I try to keep away from him… For him to avoid the temptation of catching sight of me and yearning to bang.
You and I know that seeing and imagining love making, even though you did not end up banging the person, is a sin. This is why most pastors keep shrieking and screaming about the way our sisters in the Lord or church dress to church. I pity the pastors too. The thing no easy for dem sef! Bodi no bi firewood!
But no matter how much I tried to avoid him, he would come searching frantically for me. Immediately I glance at him, I always know that look. He wants to bang! I was not the one fasting, but I tried to preach to him, trying to make him see the error of his ways, but it’s like trying to get water out of a rock!
Thinking back now, I don’t blame him. If you’re a guy and I was your babe back then, you would have also wanted to bang my brains out. I was not really beautiful, but I was damn sexy! Yeah, take that to the banks! I’m being modest at that!
Back to our Sunday school class: The argument raged to and fro, with most of the women insisting that it was wrong to make love with husbands during fasting period.
I’m the quiet type as most of you know. I didn’t join in the stormy argument, but I asked a simple question: Is it in the bible that husband and wife should not make love during fasting?
Nobody bothered to answer my question as everyone wanted to make his or her points know at the top of their voices.
Finally, there was decorum as a brother took the microphone and spoke uproariously, forcing everyone to keep quiet and listen.
The bottom line of his own argument is this: “Fasting is according to your agreement with God…what you had proposed with God. You might want to fast and break by 12pm or 3pm. You may also decide to break by 6pm. But the thing is that once you break your fast, you can make love with your husband or wife. It becomes a sin if you’re fasting, you are not through with it and decided to make love with your wife.”
Most of the wives didn’t agree. According to them, if you’re fasting for 100 days, you should abstain from touching your wife, let alone to bang her. They feel those fasting days are supposed to be holy days.
I don’t what is wrong with these women, but something is definitely wrong! Are they tired of their husbands banging them and are now using fasting as an excuse to keep their spouses at arm’s length? That’s the feeler I’m getting here. What do you guys think?
This is a serious issue. Sex is destroying most Christian marriages. Women prefer to hide under different church activities, than to give their husbands good, sound, sizzling banging.
Please tell me why any sane woman would want to deny her husband of sex for 100 days, yet sleeps on the same bed with him.
I’m sure she will keep shaking her bum bum at his face, rolling it in silent mantra that says: “Nothing you can do! Nothing you can do! Nothing you can do!”
They go to the shower…step out with a body dripping wet and decide to wipe their bodies in front of their husbands. They may even decide to face their husbands, wiping their boobs right in front of his face. Some of them may decide to cream their legs…so drags a small stool, makes sure their ass is facing his direction and place one of their legs on the stool to start creaming.
And with that pose you expect our good brother not to think of banging you doggy style?
Please give me a break! The guy is fasting doesn’t mean he’s a eunuch!
How can banging your legal husband or wife during fasting be considered a sin before God?
Maybe I’m wrong but you can correct me…I’m waiting to hear from you… is it biblical?
Are you telling me that during the days of fasting, his sexual hormones die off to resurrect after fasting periods?
Imagine a guy seeing his wife’s nakedness every day and he wouldn’t touch, climb or suckle for 100 days…no be die be dat?
Don’t fool yourself my brother…suckling your wife’s boobs during fasting is capital sin oooo.
There’s no short cut or cutting corners! Making her to go down on you during fasting is sin too. So don’t go fooling yourself that you only suckled her boobs or had a blowjob, but no actual penetration, thus you didn’t bang and as such you hadn’t committed any crime. No short cut!
But can banging your spouse after you break for the day be a sin?