Worker turned lover kills female CEO

The woman, whom many described as a multi-millionaire, was found on the floor of her apartment

The Lagos State Police Command has declared a 33-year-old man wanted for allegedly strangling the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Edmark International to death.
The suspect, identified as Kelechi Williams was said to have strangled Njideka Lizzy Nzewe, 39, a mother of four, to death in her private home, at Green Estate, Amuwo Odofin, Festac, Lagos State and made away with her $50,000, phones, over N8 million meant for running of the business and her Range Rover SUV Jeep.
Williams, whom police had since discovered have several other names, is believed to have fled to Ghana with the loot after strangling his lover to death.
The woman, whom many described as a multi-millionaire, was found on the floor of her apartment. The twine, which was used to strangle her, was left hanging on her neck. It was also discovered that in the course of struggling with her assailant to stay alive, she urinated and defecated on her body. There were white foams on her mouth.
Our correspondent gathered that homicide detectives from the Area E, Festac Police Command, under the Area Commander, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dan Okoro, are already closing in on the suspect.
Narrowing down on the suspect’s hideout was said to have been made possible by police embarking on what they called “forensic auditing investigation of his social media networks and assistance of Interpol”.
Preliminary investigations revealed that Williams and Lizzy had been having affairs for years, to the extent that the suspect, who is one of her staff and younger than her, proposed marriage. Lizzy turned down the marriage proposal.
Police investigations also showed that Williams allegedly committed crime in South Africa, Angola and another African country, where he is presently wanted.
A police source said: “I heard that ACP Dan Okoro and his men believed that the suspect is a serial killer, especially in view of the fact that he could just cold heartedly killed his lover. He had known this woman and her family for years. Members of her family and household know him and we also heard that he was quite close to her kids.”
Police spokesperson, Ngozi Braide, who confirmed the incident, said that the deceased was a single mother, who had since separated from her husband.
Lizzy was to travel to the United States of America on July, 24, 2014 on vacation with her kids, but she also planned to move into her just completed building at Satellite Town before embarking on the journey.
She told one of her brothers to meet her very early on July, 23, 2014 to assist her move into the new apartment.
“She had already made these plans, when Williams came in from Ghana to visit her. Nobody thought his visit was unusual. He used to come and go in her home the way he likes. Everyone knows them,” said a source.
The source added: “The truth of the matter was that her business has grown and she employed the guy to manage the Ghana and west coast branch of her company. Each time he comes around to Nigeria, he moves goods to Ghana and circulate same to west coast. Whenever he comes to Nigeria, he stays with Lizzy at her private apartment, thus it was quite easy for him to snuff out her life.”
It was gathered that Williams was known by Lizzy’s guard to be in the habit of leaving home at night, to cash money from ATM. On the day he killed Lizzy, he had simply cruised to the gate and told the unsuspicious security guard that he was going to cash money from ATM. He drove out with the woman’s Range Rover Jeep.
According to Braide, the strangling of Lizzy occurred at about 2:30am.
She said: “He strangled the woman with a rope inside her apartment. He locked up the place, packed her money, phones, international passports and about N8 million she meant to leave for him for the running of the business while was in USA and ran away. We believe he ran to Ghana.”
Braide explained that in the morning of the same day, Lizzy’s brother, who was supposed to meet her so that they could move her things to her new home, came over after repeatedly calling her lines and she was not picking.
The man became worried when he noticed that everywhere was locked. He feared something was wrong and dashed to Festac Police Station to alert the police.
The security guard told the police that the last person he saw was Williams. He recalled that the time was about 2am.
“When police got there, they forced the door open and saw her lifeless body on the floor.”
The news of the murder of Lizzy travelled like wildfire, leading to many people who knew Lizzy and Williams as a couple, sending curses and insulting text messages to Williams.
Investigators believe this was what made Williams to know that the police were onto him. He was said to have parked his belonging in Ghana and disappeared.
“We’ll get him,” said Braide. “It’s only a matter of time, but we’ll get him!”
A police detective said: “We believe he’s a serial killer. Most of them who kill without qualms are usually within that age bracket of Williams. This is why the police have always advocated for youths to be involved in community policing. We should educate the youth in a way that they would be able to report their friends without fear or favour in case of commission of crime.”