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Speaking as a Guest Lecturer at the Air War College in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, Yushau Shuaib, the brain behind the 2016 Global Award winner in Crisis Communication and expert in social media, pointed out that the battle ground has shifted from physical combat to cyberspace where social media is the tool of engagement

The Chief of Army staff should be wary of busy-body consultants or lawyers who may wish to profit from the crisis by instigating him to take irrational steps against the media. No one fights the press publicly, especially credible media, in attempt to enforce censorship, not self-censorship, and get away with it unscathed

The gesture of the government could mean different things among the Muslim community because Prophet Muhammad and his Companions never observed or celebrated his birthday even after his demise. However, some religious zealots describe the celebration as unlawful and un-Islamic while other extremists condemn those celebrating the Maulud as unbelievers

Apart from their ceaseless heart-chilling violence campaign across the northern part of the country, the terrorists were also having a field day in the realms of media publicity. The truism that publicity is the oxygen of terrorism was playing out! The publicity Boko Haram were enjoying in a section of the media that were influential in the north emboldened them and galvanized their recruitment drive

It may interest you to note that immediately after your election, I was approached by well-wishers requesting my services on communication strategies for your wife, Mrs Aisha Buhari. While I recognised the fact that such request to work with the first family is a great honour, I nevertheless politely declined for fear of conflict of interest because I had served the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) during the tenure of Sambo Dasuki which is being probed by your governmenT

Even though the military endorsed our passage to the creek in May 2009, some of us were scared stiff of the possibility of being captured by militants on a suspicion of being government’s spies. Surprisingly we were well-received by community leaders and local government council officials which was then under theChairmanship of younger brother to Government Tompolo, the most wanted Militant Leader

Armed with impeccable military career and record of honesty, President Muhammadu Buhari has initiated new strategic measures to address seeming insecurity in the country. He has instructed the location of the military high command centre close to the theatre of war and engaged in diplomatic shuttle to secure the collaboration of neighbouring countries in tackling the insurgents frontally

Probably realising the gravity of the danger that these recent developments are posing to our world especially considering situations in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the Arab world, President Barack Obama of the United States of America recently sought an alliance with some Arab leaders towards eliminating the emerging challenges from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria a group that has already occupied some large territories of those beleaguered countries

The most prominent political figure in the state was the late Baba Oloye Olusola Saraki, who, during his lifetime, was credited with having singlehandedly anointed and influenced the elections of Governor Adamu Attah of the National Party of Nigeria (1979-1983); Cornelius Adebayo of the Unity Party of Nigeria (1983); Shaaba Lafiagi of the Social Democratic Party (1992-1993); Mohammed Lawal of the All Peoples Party (1999 – 2003); and finally his own son, Bukola Saraki, of the Peoples Democratic Party, who served longest, from 2003 to 2011