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Meanwhile, not minding what others will say about Nigeria’s quest to becoming a member of the United Nations Security Council, the country has made positive impact in international diplomacy and peacekeeping operations. This argument was re-echoed by President Goodluck Jonathan when asked world leaders to support the country’s quest to be a member UNSC

Moghalu’s book points out that the idea of socialism in Asia and
capitalism in the West do not really matter as most countries practice
different types of capitalism. He noted that state capitalism is practiced in China; crony capitalism in Russia and to some extent, Nigeria; welfare capitalism in Europe; and entrepreneurial capitalism is practiced in the United States of America

In my letter of acceptance, I reflected that I would continue to write opinion articles that will be geared towards making Nigeria a better society that every Nigerian will be proud of. My experiences with great Igbos, Itshekiris and Urhobos formed the fulcrum of my early write ups during my youth service and after I started work at the Government House, Asaba. Their leaders, who took me as their son, protected and provided for my needs. Prof. Chike Edozien, the Asagba of Asaba, Chief Paulinus Akpeki and Ugoh of Okpe Kingdom were among some of the great people that made my youth service year and work experience a worthwhile adventure in Delta State

The Head of Public Relations of the agency, Yushau A. Shuaib, who made the disclosure at the end of a workshop organized by NEMA, Abuja Operation Office, said the centre would have state of the art media equipment for efficient processing and timely transmission of disaster-related information based on the best practices