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 “He also told us that we should not fight the hypocrites.  ‘They are like me’ he said.  He continued his speech and said that his time was near; therefore, we should fight as never before and make sure no one enters ‘that place’.  So, one of us said to him, ‘we heard that God has sent someone to rescue mankind back to God.’ 

They hate you because you serve the God of Israel and because you have a great destiny. They know that the hand of God is upon you and you are the chosen people.

To convert the unbelievers, he did miracles, signs and wonders. Then, to displace the demons, he rebuked and cast them out. But when he eventually came to the point of his ultimate sacrifice for mankind, he again went into midnight battles. And that is what I call the “Battle of Gethsemane”.

The aim of this article is to awaken the church (Christians) once again to this great spiritual weapon made available to us by God. I believe and by experience too, that any Christian that masters the act of praying in the midnight will ultimately control what happens in the day.

But we are not going to discuss WWE or combat sports here. No. We want to talk about wrestling, struggling with God and it simply means: faithfully and tenaciously holding onto God’s promises and his words until you see them come to pass in your life or in your situation. It is holding onto God until you receive an answer to your request. It is also refusing to take no for an answer on what you know that is God’s will.  

Sarai means contentious, debatable. But Sarah is My Princess. She is going to be a princess of God that will birth the promises of God to humanity. I love the possessive pronoun ‘My’ that God used there. It shows that he specially owned Sarah because she was carrying his very important plan and vision.

He has different ways of dealing with different levels of enemies.  He may choose to promote and empower you above some. He can warn them in dreams and visions or through circumstances. He may afflict them with problems; diseases and sickness that they will never remember to trouble you again.

Yes, God uses signs and manifestations to lead or demonstrate his sovereignty, but sometimes you also see him moving without them. He is not tied to signs. He is not tied patterns, methods, time, events, history, opinions and locations. He is only eternally bound by his words and character. He does what he wants anytime, anyhow and anywhere.

You will recover all that you lost! It is always amazing, exciting and awe-striking when we experience God turning around situations that men have naturally written-off. Or in better words, what men have concluded that it is over, that nothing can be done about it again.

Things that have been working against you will now begin to work in your favour. That “thorn in your flesh”, will be removed. Yes, it will. Those that doubted or ridiculed you will come to praise God with you. Those that maltreated you will rush to apologise to you.

If you always spend your money outside or on yourself, leaving out your family, God will curse you. Sure! In fact the word of God said that you should love and protect your family as Christ loves and protects the church.

We are expected to put in every effort possible to see that our kids become responsible members of the home and the society and these including proper and foundational training at home, good education, monitoring their activities, their relationships and development, giving them solid godly background and most importantly living exemplary life.

Man was originally made not to die but after the fall of Adam and Eve, death, sickness and sin, etc, crept in. Yet people were still living up to 900 plus years. You remember Methuselah lived for 969 years, Jared 962, Noah 950 years, etc.

By his position as a successful army commander he was very influential and powerful. He had led his country to many victorious battles. He was also so much loved by his boss, the commander-in-chief; the king of Syria and his people.

My God! Group of invalids! A congregation of desperate, terminally sick people and their depressed and exhausted relations. Just imagine what that kind of gathering would look like – the groaning, the sighing, the cries, the prayers, the hopeless looks, the stench, the anxieties and the struggles to rush into the water first for the healing. The angel of the LORD only visited once in a while and only the first sick that had people to help them into the pool would receive healing.

That is it! Let the LORD open our eyes today to see beyond the physical. What you see will determine how you react and what you do. What you see can also determine how far you can go and how victorious you will become. The LORD will open your eyes today to begin to see and your ears to begin to hear! We are talking about the impact of the prophetic and how we can effectively apply it to our present situation. We will keep on emphasising the role of the prophetic in the church.

Now, our interest here is not in the legal processes that brought about the conviction, but on the words of insistence from this dying man. You don’t gloss over the words of a dying man. They are usually from the depths of the person’s soul

This book: “Power of Midnight Prayer,” will certainly be one of the most comprehensive and most powerful books written on spiritual warfare. The choice of the title came from a wealth of experience, chilling testimonies and confessions, and a careful study of the word of God. It is indeed a very rich and well-researched work. It has been described as an incredible book.