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Watching a card carrying member of the PDP, Reuben Abati voice his criticism of Tinubu’s refusal to appear on Arise TV’s scripted Town Hall outing, reminds me of the several contradictions that bake the human mind. In taking Tinubu on for refusing to honour Arise TV’s invitation, the anchors throw decency to the wind as they poise as though they are the only existing binoculars or ethical compass from where Tinubu should be psychoanalysed. Sadly, the contradictions in these persons and their promoters make the moralist content of their emanations laughable but more seriously, insulting to our senses.

My Chairman, the Publisher of ThisDay Newspaper, Prince Nduka Obaigbena…The story of his life is not as smooth as a bowling ball gliding on a varnished lane. It is the story of a man who flailed and floundered against the maelstrom and headwind of a tempestuous home-grown economy but whose resilience and steadfastness kept on the straight and narrow path to fame and fortune.

The committees, set up at an extraordinary meeting of Nigerian media stakeholders  held on November 28, 2017 in Lagos are: the Local Organising Committee and the committees on Finance; Sponsorship; Programme and Events; Media and Publicity; Transport and Logistics; Contact and Protocol; Venue and Accommodation; and Security.