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Adams said: “Baba Olaniwun is a prodigy of immeasurable value both to the Yoruba race and the stability of Nigeria as a nation.
“He was a man who had a cosmopolitan outlook of Nigeria’s politics in relation to the unity of the Yoruba within a true federal structure

“It held that the recommendations and resolutions that are outside the purview of the Federal Government be forwarded to the relevant tiers of government for implementation

Adeyemi, who is seeking to represent Kogi West Senatorial District again in the Upper Chamber, listed the qualities working in Jonathan’s favour, among others, as: $20 billion Foreign Direct Investment, Agric revolution, special focus on the non-oil sector, resuscitation of the power sector, railway transportation sector, the National Conference, serious crackdown on insurgency, the transformation agenda that encompasses infrastructure re-engineering and the fact that there is no Nigerian abroad on exile

The constant refrain we keep hearing like a broken record from this voraciously greedy treasury looting ruling elite is that they are speaking for, making demands on behalf, or agitating for the interests of this or that region, this or that geo-political zone, this or that ethnic group, this or that state, and or this or that religion!