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They hate you because you serve the God of Israel and because you have a great destiny. They know that the hand of God is upon you and you are the chosen people.

To convert the unbelievers, he did miracles, signs and wonders. Then, to displace the demons, he rebuked and cast them out. But when he eventually came to the point of his ultimate sacrifice for mankind, he again went into midnight battles. And that is what I call the “Battle of Gethsemane”.

How can the Christian or the church battle against all these? It’s only by engaging in very dynamic, prolonged prayers, especially in the middle of the night. Yes, a lot of testimonies always follow this teaching. They are already coming.

God’s mercy and grace are locating you today! What you are going to read here is simply a declarative and prophetic message. Not much of expository. God’s word does not fail. But there are still others that should also read today’s message, so they would join in this flow of divine restoration. They are in darkness. They are starving. They are weeping.

But after so many attempts still there was no rain. He persisted until the seventh time and the rain came. For certain, he went to the top of the Mount Camel to “wrestle” with God to release the rain to his people.

I was told the story behind my own name, Gabriel, by my maternal grandmother, Lady Diana Mboma. Luckily she is a godly and very spiritual woman. She is from Amaegbu, Nkwerre in Imo State and nearing 100 years now. Amongst her children and grand children, she likes discussing spiritual matters with me because she believes I am spiritually born and inclined.

He has different ways of dealing with different levels of enemies.  He may choose to promote and empower you above some. He can warn them in dreams and visions or through circumstances. He may afflict them with problems; diseases and sickness that they will never remember to trouble you again.

Yes, he is God of love, patience and peace but also God of vengeance and war. He is God of mercy and also God of Judgment. He forgives the repentant and also punishes the recalcitrant. We choose His side that we want to experience by our actions and attitudes

But actually, God’s silence does not always mean that he has abandoned a matter. It does not mean that he is confused or undecided. And it is also not a sign of weakness or lack of will to effectively, totally manage and direct all the affairs of men.

Everything about life is a function of gates. The decisions about life and death take place at the gate. Remember the word of God said that the battle is at the gates. And that is why bible talks about the gates of heaven and the gates of hell.

Nothing can block your blessings again. God has blessed you and it cannot be reversed. Yes, this is our season. Are you not seeing it? No wall, no barrier, no obstacle, no power, no conspiracy can stop us.

Prostitution in Israel is a $500 million industry, with about 20,000 sex workers. Most of them are foreigners. Israel is joining other nations like Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, etc, who have since adopted the “Nordic Model” in tackling the problem of prostitution.

Sex toys, dolls, masturbation, pornography and immorality attract sex demons. And you already know that most of these sex spirits are very aggressive, jealous, difficult and wicked. They make sure that they frustrate, keep in chains and completely destroy their victims

If you always spend your money outside or on yourself, leaving out your family, God will curse you. Sure! In fact the word of God said that you should love and protect your family as Christ loves and protects the church.

We are expected to put in every effort possible to see that our kids become responsible members of the home and the society and these including proper and foundational training at home, good education, monitoring their activities, their relationships and development, giving them solid godly background and most importantly living exemplary life.

As I write, there are people that have given up and are just waiting for the last whistle. They have tried everything, made every effort, spent all their resources and goodwill, prayers, etc, but the situation has just refused to change. They are just spent and tired. Even when you try to encourage them, they feel reluctant to accept that anything positive can still happen to them.

That is it! Let the LORD open our eyes today to see beyond the physical. What you see will determine how you react and what you do. What you see can also determine how far you can go and how victorious you will become. The LORD will open your eyes today to begin to see and your ears to begin to hear! We are talking about the impact of the prophetic and how we can effectively apply it to our present situation. We will keep on emphasising the role of the prophetic in the church.

All is well! This is not the time to lose hope. No. Everything will be fine again. I am very sure of that. Don’t worry. I see everything turning around for good. We will surely get the best out of this situation.

So many people are today ‘wounded’ by the present economic and health crises. They have lost much if not all. Some do not even know where to start from again. They have lost their capital, lost their jobs, their loved ones and even their hope. But listen, you will recover.