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 “He also told us that we should not fight the hypocrites.  ‘They are like me’ he said.  He continued his speech and said that his time was near; therefore, we should fight as never before and make sure no one enters ‘that place’.  So, one of us said to him, ‘we heard that God has sent someone to rescue mankind back to God.’ 

To convert the unbelievers, he did miracles, signs and wonders. Then, to displace the demons, he rebuked and cast them out. But when he eventually came to the point of his ultimate sacrifice for mankind, he again went into midnight battles. And that is what I call the “Battle of Gethsemane”.

How can the Christian or the church battle against all these? It’s only by engaging in very dynamic, prolonged prayers, especially in the middle of the night. Yes, a lot of testimonies always follow this teaching. They are already coming.

God’s mercy and grace are locating you today! What you are going to read here is simply a declarative and prophetic message. Not much of expository. God’s word does not fail. But there are still others that should also read today’s message, so they would join in this flow of divine restoration. They are in darkness. They are starving. They are weeping.

I was told the story behind my own name, Gabriel, by my maternal grandmother, Lady Diana Mboma. Luckily she is a godly and very spiritual woman. She is from Amaegbu, Nkwerre in Imo State and nearing 100 years now. Amongst her children and grand children, she likes discussing spiritual matters with me because she believes I am spiritually born and inclined.