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The former Ekiti Governor said: “It is not what we say but what we do or what we have done that matters. I am the Oshokomole. I was a two-time Governor of Ekiti State, and I defeated two incumbents at two different attempts.

This is made public in Election guideline issued by the leadership of the party which was obatined by our correspondent on Friday and titled, “Guidelines for the Nomination of Candidates for the 2022 Ekiti Gubanitorial election – direct primaries (Option A4)”.

To a large extent, the PDP has not recovered from its loss in the 2015 general election. The party has consistently failed to utilize several failures of the APC in government towards redemption. Observers of Nigerian politics wonder why the PDP allowed the lies of the past to linger with the electorates to its detriment for several years.