Sowore, Moghalu dump PACT after Durotoye’s emergence as candidate

Sowore and Moghalu announced their decisions on Thursday and Friday after Durotoye’s emergence as consensus candidate

The Publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore, and a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Kingsley Moghalu, have dumped the Presidential Aspirants Coming Together platform.
Sowore and Moghalu announced their decisions on Thursday and Friday after Durotoye’s emergence as consensus candidate.
In a series of tweets on Thursday, Moghalu said: “I am firmly in the race for President of Nigeria in 2019.
“I wish to inform members of my ‘To Build A Nation’ movement, the Kingsley Moghalu Support Organisation nationwide, the Kingsley Moghalu Volunteer Force, Youth for Kingsley, Women for Kingsley, Kingsley Moghalu Disciples, the Young Progressive Party and my other supporters nationwide and in the diaspora that I am pressing ahead with my plan to contest the 2019 presidential election.
“This is despite the arrangement for a consensus candidate among the young presidential aspirants under the aegis of Presidential Aspirants Coming Together, which today produced an outcome that has left many Nigerians expressing surprise and disappointment.
“The reasons I have pulled out of the PACT arrangement are as follows:
“1. The arrangement had unraveled even before the final selection of the consensus candidate. Only seven aspirants participated in the final voting out of the original 18 aspirants, mainly because many of the aspirants had withdrawn from the process. Four candidates who were present in the meeting this morning withdrew from the process even while the voting process was ongoing. Therefore, PACT did not produce a true consensus candidate.
“2. Clause 13 of the PACT Memorandum of Understanding asserts the supremacy of the constitutional rights of the aspirants to pursue their political aspirations.
“I, therefore, have chosen to continue without distraction to pursue my vision in the presidential race for 2019 in the national interest and in deference to the overwhelming outpouring of support for my candidacy from all parts of Nigeria.
“It is my humble and well-considered view that the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria requires competence and experience in these three vital areas.
“Thank you.”
Sowore, in a statement on Friday by the Director General of his Campaign, Dr. Malcolm Fabiyi, said: “On Thursday, the Presidential Aspirants Coming Together (PACT) selected a Consensus Candidate from amongst the aspirants who participated in the straw poll. The TakeItBack Movement and our convener, Omoyele Sowore, were not part of this action.
“Our position at the TakeItBack Movement has always been that a United Front of progressive forces is essential for wresting power from the status quo politicians. We believe that our voices are stronger together. As we’ve stated previously, the successful cooperative struggle which several youth presidential aspirants participated in, to extend the voter registration exercise, clearly demonstrates the power of a United Front.
“However, we have also been very clear in our position, that the choice of who becomes the leader of almost 200 million Nigerians should not be determined by only about a dozen people, in a nation of 180 million persons. As democrats and progressives, we believe that leaders should emerge, only through a transparent process that allows the millions of Nigerians that are yearning for national development and transformative leadership, to have their say in electing their own representatives, in free and fair party primaries and eventually at the national polls in February 2019.
“Our unwavering commitment is to a fair and transparent democratic process that includes party primaries and coalition building. As all the political parties stage their legislative, gubernatorial and presidential primaries between now and October 7th, 2018, we enjoin all Nigerians who desire national transformation to participate actively in the political process by joining political parties or competing for elective positions.
“For those seeking a political platform that stands solidly with the Nigerian people and is not aligned with either of the twin evils – the APC and PDP – that have ravaged Nigeria for decades, we invite you to join us in the African Action Congress.
“The democratic process is about more than just the presidency; it is our aim to fill elected offices across Nigeria, from councillorship to the Presidency, with young men and women who are tired of the status quo and are truly primed to reclaim Nigeria.
“We have heavily subsidised our nomination form fees to give brilliant and progressive minds across the country a chance to make their mark on Nigeria. Our complete fee exemptions for the disabled, youth corpers, honorably-discharged defence personnel and serving or retired teachers, nurses and emergency service workers, prove that we are committed to building a greater Nigeria.
“The TakeItBack Movement and the African Action Congress party are committed to creating a Nigeria that works for all, not a select few. We thank all the millions of Nigerians that have supported our campaign for transformation thus far.
“The road ahead of us remains a long and arduous one. With your continuing support, we will remain steadfast in demanding a fair and equitable nation, that works for all Nigerians.”