Senate calls for investigation of nine Nigerians killed in Libya

The Senate has called on the United Nations to investigate the killing of nine Nigerian citizens, which occurred in a double air strikes on a detention centre outside Tripoli, Libya.
The Senate made the call, following the adoption of a motion on the death of the nine Nigerian migrants in Libya.
The motion was sponsored by Senator Barau Jibrin and 36 other senators.
Jibrin, while presenting the motion, said the death of the nine Nigerians occurred following the attack, which was carried out on the hapless migrant civilians.
He said the death toll from the air strike on centre has been reviewed to 53 from 44 while more bodies were still being pulled out of the rubble, indicating that the count has not stopped.
Barau said that report indicates that refuges and migrants were directly fired by guards as they tried to escape, which resulted in the death of nine Nigerians.
He said that the strike was the second time that the Tajore detention centre, which houses around 600 migrants, was hit during the ongoing conflict.
He said that the detention of migrants from Nigeria and other Sub-Sharan African countries to Europe was not the answer to the protection of people on the move.
The senator said alternative and sustainable solutions must be developed to protect the vulnerable migrants.
He said the air strike on migrants’ detention centre that led to the killing of Nigerians has sparked international outcry.
Senators, who lend their voice on the motion, condemned the killing in its entirety.
The senate, consequently, resolved to call on the UN to investigate the killing, find out the perpetrators of the dastardly act and bring them to justice.
The senate also urged the Libyan government to immediately release the refuges and migrants from detention centres and relocate them to safe shelter.
The senate also commended the Federal Government for its effort on the reparation of Nigerian migrants from Libya.
It further urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to continue the repatriation of the remaining Nigerian citizens in Libyan detention camps.