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The vast majority of Nigerians are so disappointed with the government that they will readily utilise every platform to express their frustration; and really, who would blame them? Evidently, the government has consistently failed to fulfil the legitimate and most basic expectations of the citizens, such as the ones highlighted above – and that is very unfortunate

The Dickson system suffers from a credibility deficit. But even a government of doubtful legitimacy can be consistent. Dickson and his lieutenants are confused. They have no idea about how to run a government. They think that running Bayelsa State is about cheap propaganda

Now, instead of pursuing this ignoble, retrogressive, anti-social, anti-nature and anti-God legislation, I advise the British Government and other European countries to initiate programs that will stem the growing and alarming rate of unemployment, economic recession, crimes, suicides, murders, lasciviousness, etc. I also call on all British Members of Parliament to reject and throw out this particular bill if it is eventually presented to them

We are becoming the only race losing out in all things that make people happy – marriage, home, job, responsible kids, social life, money in the bank and hope for the future. Man and woman in marriage is becoming unfashionable. Single parentage is the buzz

What I am saying in essence is that there is a very wide hiatus between an actualizer and a dreamer. Leaders throughout the world do not claim success for their dreams and designs but what they actually achieved while in office. How does anyone go into the basement of Ladoja’s mind to gouge out or gauge his dreams? How does one establish the veracity or otherwise of this claim?

My uneducated but education-conscious mother became my source of inspiration, urging me on even in the face of financial difficulties. Some few months after my secondary school education, my mother got worried why I had not got admission into higher institution of learning

Ndigbo have, for decades, expressed the desire and the thirst for the prime political office in this country. We have clearly shown, by oral advocacy, why we have that desire and thirst. Now we must take the forward steps in the direction of the oasis from which we hope to quench our thirst for justice and our desire for equity in Nigeria

Yes, you have stayed in that darkness for too long, lost all the hope, wasted a lot of time and resources, suffered, harassed, embarrassed and famished, but the light is now appearing in your situation. I command your day to break forth in the mighty name of Jesus! Let there be restoration in your life

The governor must be seen to be haughty, even imperious. He is authoritative, even authoritarian; decisive, even ruthless and strong, even invincible. These are the ingredients of cult personality. Some governors, as you move around the country, are manifesting a form of endowment with muscular virtues. Didn’t Governor Ikedi Ohakim beat a journalist and at another time a priest inside the State House?