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At the last count, 512 people have been martyred to please the god of ego in Sudan. Apart from that number that has been dispossessed of their lives, about 4,200 more have either been maimed, injured, or totally immobilised, with claims that these figures may be a far cry from the actual reality on ground. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also painted an apocryphal picture of the bloody uprising. It said the figure may be far more and that “many more” deaths are on the offing as a result of outbreaks of diseases and total breakdown of essential services.

The NCDC disclosed as of June 19, among the 41 cases reported, there has been no evidence of any new or unusual transmission of the virus (such as spreading among the men who have sex with men group) or changes in its clinical manifestation documented in Nigeria (including symptoms, profile and virulence) as compared to other countries in the global north reporting cases.