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The Breakdance crew regional finals kicked off with a bang; the stage was hot as each crew brought their A-game. Along the line, the atmosphere in each region was split into two as Dance Crews were either joyful or disappointed; for, in the end, there can only be one winner. In reviewing the battles, here are three lessons the crew learned from the Breakdance Crew Finals:

Indeed the first seven episodes featured amazing dance moves, loads of drama and many unforgettable moments including spellbinding live music performances by superstars Simi and Teni who thrilled the live audience with her hit songs. The twists and turns have been unpredictable as even some of the fans’ favorites missed out on automatic qualifications to the finals.

The contestants gave it a whirl in their separate performances in an attempt to woo viewers and fans for votes as the two contestants with the least votes would be eliminated in the next round. Abigail opened the floor of the evening with an astonishing rendition of ‘Rain on Me’ by Lady Gaga. The highlight of her performance was the uniqueness of her voice that synergized with her backup singers.