Secondary school boys rape girl, video it in Lagos

A video has gone viral at the Awodi-Ora Estate area of Ajegunle, Lagos State.
It is the video of two known teenage boys raping a girl also known in the area.
Residents of Awodi-Ora Estate and its environs woke up to the mysterious circulation of the porn like film, showing the sexual escapade of the boys in the area with the teenage girl.
The film is the rape of 15-year-old Hannah.
The boys, whose names are yet unknown, are also said to be secondary school boys.
Hannah until the incident, resides at Dada Onijoma Street and also attended Rebecca Secondary School in Ajegunle, a suburb of Lagos State.
Hannah was raped by the two boys after she was lured into a hotel by one of them. It was gathered that as each took turn at her, the other used his camera phone to video tape the action.
In the video, Hannah looked sick and about to cry. She repeatedly kept spitting each time one of them forced her to take their manhood in her mouth.
The boys laughed repeatedly, even discussing that they paid N2,000 for the hotel.
It was gathered that Hannah, who is from a broken home, had been wooed by one of the boys.
But instead of Hannah to leave the boy and turn down his request outrightly, she decided to keep the boy to meet her financial needs.
A source, who resides in the estate and pleaded for anonymity, said: “The boy who thought throwing money at Hannah and buying recharged cards would draw her closer to him, was disappointed when he heard from his friends that Hannah had been making a fool of him among her friends in the area, calling him his ‘mugu’. ‘Mugu’ in local parlance means a fool.”
Hannah, who continued with her games with the boy, however, was not aware that the boy had been planning to get even with her.
When she eventually demanded for N6,000 from the boy, he had promised to give her the money.
He however asked her to come to a joint in the area to collect the money.
It was gathered that while at the bar, which also served as a hotel, the boy, who was already at the joint with his friend, booked a room in the hotel.
He told Hannah to follow him to the room to collect the N6,000.
She followed.
On getting to the room, Hannah saw the bitter side of the young man as he and his friend pounced on her, taking turns to forcefully have sex with her.
She was however devastated when the video was being circulated among her friends in the area.
It was gathered that Hannah, who had tried so much to hide the rape from her parents, especially her mother whom she stays with, had to confide in her mother who alerted Hannah’s estranged father.
Hannah’s father was said to have abandoned her mum and moved in with a younger lady.
Due to the incident, Hannah was immediately relocated to Ghana.
The matter was reported to the police and both boys picked up.
Police are however still investigating.