Robbers aid suspects’ escape, set police station on fire


Two suspects escaped from police custody and a police station was burnt down after some suspected armed robbers attacked a police outpost in Ahiaukwu Olokoro, Umuahia South Local Government Area of the state.
The incident occurred on Tuesday at about 8pm.
The development has been confirmed by the Abia State Commissioner of Police, Anthony Ogbizi.
The suspects burnt one of the operational vehicles of the police station, as well as a parked tricycle.
The suspects also shattered the windscreen of a Volkswagen car park within the station.
Ogbizi said complaints were received from indigenes of the area about the activities of the criminals.
These complaints, he said, made the command to create two nipping points in the area to safeguard residents of the area.
He added that no life was lost.
He further stressed that no arms were taken away from the station’s armoury.
Ogbizi disclosed that police detectives, acting on a tip-off, raided the area and arrested four suspected drug dealers and armed robbers.
He noted that while policemen at the outpost were trying to transfer them to the Divisional Police Station at Ubakala, some hoodlums attacked them, releasing two of the suspects.
He said: “We deployed two nipping points because those areas serve as an escape route for kidnappers.
“Criminals who smoked India hemp and deal in hard drugs also use that area as a safe haven.
“On Tuesday, our operatives raided the area and arrested four hoodlums following a tip-off that the drug dealers were around the area.
“After the arrest, some suspected hoodlums mobilised and attacked the police outpost in the area.
“They were able to aid the escape of two of the criminals, who were in handcuffs.
“This happened when our officers were moving the suspects to Ubakala Division.
“They did not stop at that as they went back and set the outpost on fire.
“The fire burnt down the building, together with the operational vehicle attached to the outpost.”
Ogbizi said that policemen were not deterred by the attack as they remobilized officers and arrested seven of the hoodlums that attacked the station.
He said: “We are surprised because what happened is a challenge.
“We cannot give in.
“If we give in, it means allowing criminals to dominate and take over the community.
“Members of the community are already complaining bitterly about the activities of these criminals.
“We will hunt every one that is involved in order to arrest them and ensure they face the wrath of the law.
“We promise law abiding residents that they will be adequately protected.”