Lekki residents oppose increase in toll tariffs, say they were not consulted

The operators of both toll plazas, Lekki Concession Company, carried out the increment with effect from February 1, 2018

Residents of Lekki area of Lagos State have opposed the increase in toll tariffs at both the Admiralty Circle Plaza and Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge Plaza.
The operators of both toll plazas, Lekki Concession Company, carried out the increment with effect from February 1, 2018.
The residents, operating under the Lekki Estates Residents and Stakeholder Association, stated their opposition in a statement on Thursday.
They described the increase in toll as “unfortunate and inconsiderate”, adding that they were suffering also due to the inadequate “toll collection systems and no viable alternative routes for the thousands of vehicles using the Plazas daily”.
They equally said contrary to the claim by the LCC, the residents were not consulted before the increase was carried out.
The statement reads in full: “The Lekki Concession Company (LCC) recently increased the toll tariffs on Admiralty Circle Plaza and the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge Plaza in our community therefore causing untold hardship to residents and most of the road users in Lekki and environs.
“We would like to state categorically that this unfortunate and inconsiderate action by LCC despite the current economic situation in the Country is unacceptable to most of our members and road users in this community. We are suffering due to the toll gates which currently have inadequate toll collection systems and no viable alternative routes for the thousands of vehicles using the Plazas daily.
“The imposition of this new toll fees have consequently caused increase in the costs of living on this axis including bus fares and basic services which would further burden the plight of the people.
“The Lekki Estates Residents & Stakeholder Association (LERSA) is a platform created for all Lekki Estates and Stakeholders to deliberate on issues that commonly affect us in the area. The Association is made up of Executives of over 75 gated and ungated Estates, corporate organisations and religious bodies from 1004 Estate to Epe. Our members and stakeholders have expressed great dissatisfaction to the insensitive nature of this increase.
“We also have to state to the Government and the general public at large, that at no time did LCC consult or inform LERSA of any plan to vary the toll paid at both Plazas. We therefore request that this decision should be rescinded immediately to reduce the hardship and for LCC to carry out the necessary consultation on issues affecting the Toll Gates in our Community.
“We have to state that LERSA has always and will always promote peaceful coexistence in Lekki and any situation that may affect this situation needs to be brought to the attention of the Government urgently.
“We therefore hope the Lagos State Government will intervene in this matter and listen to the yearnings of Lekki residents and Road Users to reverse the current increase being perpetuated by Lekki Concession Company on the peaceful and long suffering citizens of this axis.
“It is instructive to know that the development of the road commenced over ten (10) years ago, and up till this moment, the total kilometer of roads that has been constructed is from the Lekki Circle gate up to Abraham Adesanya is less than 25 kilometer. It is this 25 Kilometers that we have been paying tolls for since January 2011. To stakeholders of the area, it is shameful that for over 10 years, a road of less than 90 kilo meters cannot be constructed even when thousands of vehicles pay tolls on the same road daily.
“Your Excellency, apart from the above, we are also concerned that the very high level of activities ongoing at the Lekki Free Trade Zone, we are left with only one access road. The Coastal Road which the government promised to provide in 2011 preceding the tolling has either been jettisoned orabandoned. What we can see these days are different types of houses springing up on the path of the road. We believe that these roads are imperative for the area considering the huge population.
“Even the existing road from the Lekki Circle to Abraham Adesanya is totally devoid of the normal lain white markings required for such a road.
“We would like to believe that we are citizens of Lagos and would want the Lagos State Government take us as worthy citizens. The current situation where we are left to provide all our needs is totally unacceptable. Most residents of the Lekki corridors do not have access to public water systems, the area is totally devoid of adequate public elementary/secondary schools for our children, while BRT are provided for virtually all other areas of Lagos, the Lekki corridor is not considered, even the rails that is supposed to make Lagos the mega city status that we all crave for, Lekki corridor is either not considered or may have been reserved for the next century. We have been totally neglected.
“We further wish to state that stakeholders in the Lekki area are very responsible and responsive to the developmental goals of Lagos State, hence we consistently make our contributions to the Governments through the payment of taxes such as the Land Use Charge etc. We therefore call on the Executive Governor of Lagos State to see us as partners willing to work together for the attainment of the lofty goals of this administration hence our request for the toll gates increase to be reversed by LCC and all the areas of concern, addressed by his Excellency.”