Flood: Over 25,000 displaced in Benue

As the National Emergency Management Agency continued to reach out to areas that are threatened by flood, some of the communities at risk have remained adamant even as over 25,000 persons in 14 communities were displaced in Benue State following the overflow of River Benue.

Also, thousands of residents of Kaduna metropolis have been displaced by flood from Kaduna River and some communities in Kano State submerged after the collapse of Warawa Dam.
Similarly, more areas along the plains of River Benue and River Niger have remained under the threat of flood from the unprecedented rise of water in the upstream dams.
In Benue State, NEMA, along with the state government and other stakeholders, have established three camps for the displaced persons while officials have mobilised to the other areas that are also affected by the disaster, including Bauchi State.
Also, the agency has contacted the relevant states governors and stakeholders as well as launched a series of awareness campaigns and advocacy to sensitise the vulnerable communities on measures to be taken.
However, some of the communities have remained adamant not to move to any place of safety and resigned their fate to the act of God.
Meanwhile, authorities at the Jebba hydroelectric dam have begun discrete release of the excess water from the dam to safeguard the facility.  
The Chief Executive Officer of the hydroelectric power plant, Engineer Lamu Audu, attributed the high water level to excessive rainfall this year.
A high powered assessment team comprising officers of NEMA and the stakeholders, including the line ministries, visited the dam and some of the threatened communities in Kwara and Niger States.
NEMA’s Director of Planning, Research and Forecasting, Dr. Charles Agbo, who led the team, expressed satisfaction with the manner the excess water is being managed.
During the visit to Jebba and Old Jebba, which are the two immediate communities located at the downstream of the dam, Agbo advised them to relocate to the higher grounds for safety.
The team was received by the the Oba of Jebba, Alhaji Abdulkadir Adebara, and Alhaji Muhammed T. Muhammed of Old Jebba respectively.