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We bring you fraternal greetings from the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC). The Congress salutes Nigerians on this special day of the 57th anniversary of our independence from colonial rule. Ordinarily it should not be out of place if we roll out our drums today to celebrate this feat, but we cannot, because like they say “you don’t participate in a dance competition when your house is on fire.” Nigeria is dancing at the market square naked to the full glare of the whole world when our roof is on fire.

It said in the statement signed by its President, Bobboi Kaigama, and Acting Secretary General, Comrade Simeso Amachree: “Our system only favours the politicians and the wealthy more at the expense of the impoverished masses. These lawmakers are just too unreliable.They tell us to pray for the country while they revel in Abuja displaying their exotic cars! They collect constituency allowance but they do nothing for their constituencies and nobody questions them. This is not the way to go

It is peak of wickedness for men to use positions of authority to exploit the weak. They deny the IDPs regular supplies of food, clothing, medicine, and other essentials, just to compound their vulnerability and make want to do anything to live. One wonders why everything about our country is now all about rape: the politicians rape our treasury, the judges rape justice while the security operatives rape victims of war! This is disgraceful and it portrays our officers and the country in a very bad light before the international community