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There is a “SARS” in some Nigerians; reservoirs of cynicism, misanthropy and bigotry.  These ones see other people through the bifocals of their own vile existence. Just like SARS, the notorious but disbanded police unit, profiles young Nigerians with tattoo branding and dreadlocks, this category of Nigerians reduces every individual to an offender. You are guilty without charges, convicted and summarily sentenced – by the self-appointed rogue jury!

Owoade, who was led in evidence by his counsel, Diekola Rufai, informed the Oyo State Panel of Inquiry on Police brutality that the SARS officials shot his son in the back with the bullet perforating his stomach and intestine.

While a sum of N7.4 million was paid to petitioners who were compensated by the judicial panel of inquiry constituted to probe cases of human rights abuses by the disbanded Special- Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), 700 farmers, whose lands were acquired for construction of the airport got a sum of N500 million and indemnity certificates.

He wished he had the power to curtail the killings, if not out rightly stop it. Visibly vexed, he said: “The police will confiscate the victim’s property and share the property among themselves. I’ve been arrested several times and I have received threatening messages, but whom do I run to for safety? The job even becomes dangerous for me and my family members. We discovered that police frame victims for armed robbery because they want to cover up. Our government is not checking the excesses of the police. Nobody challenges the police’s impunity.