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The Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo at the weekend insisted on using a Nigerian hospital and medical experts for the surgical operation to correct a fracture on his right femur despite the advice of his doctors for him to go abroad for the operation. It was supposed to be an achievement and one that we need to commend him for and praise him as is the case with many things normal in other climes but abnormal in ours.

In a July 19, 1989 ‘Thank you’ letter written by the former Attorney-General and seen by a News Agency of Nigeria correspondent, Ajibola described Osinbajo as an experienced and efficient assistant who delivers on his job in record time.

In this period of seven years, I have served the government in several capacities, and I have, at the direction of Mr. President, represented our country in sensitive high-level international engagements. I have been to practically all local governments in Nigeria. I have been in markets, factories, schools, and farms. I have been in agricultural, mining and oil-producing communities in the Delta, in Kebbi, Enugu, Borno; Rivers, Plateau and Ondo; and in all other States of the federation, listening to the diverse experiences and yearnings of our people.