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If you look at Matthew 25: 14-23, you will observe that Jesus was directing our attention to a vital truth, you cannot be faithful without being productive. The master of the house called the man who turned five talents to ten talents, a faithful man. That is productivity. No where will you find any faithful man who was not productive. God wants us to start and end our journey here on earth as a faithful servant, and aside from the other crucial measures of faithfulness such as truth, honesty, consistency and loyalty, productivity or multiplication is another crucial aspect that God wants us to attend to. God rarely gives people final products. What he gives are gifts, ideas, resources, opportunities, grace, and anointing. If you understand the meaning of faithfulness very well, you will know that you must take those raw materials and fight your way to multiplying them. All through the scriptures, there is no giant of faith, or anyone who was approved by God because God gave them final products, they all got raw materials from God, and it was their responsibility to take those raw materials and work faithfully with them to produce a destiny from it