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The Buhari regime has been, by any measure, a failure. If Nigeria does not focus its resources on basic human development and reduce violence – neither of which has happened under the current leadership – then the possibility for widespread violence is very real. In one of the most important countries in the world

Since the AUN and Adamawa Peace Makers Initiative took relief materials to IDPs to Mubi and environs, the university has followed up in rallying relief materials and much needed food and aid through local organisations to families and neighbourhoods around Yola, Jimeta, Vinukuland, Sangare, Bole, Damare and every other part of Adamawa State

Having grown up here, one of the first regions of Nigeria, our Founder looked at this empty field and dreamed of a great university rising in it; a university that will train the future leaders of Africa, a university to lead the way to a more peaceful prosperous and just Nigeria, a university at the cutting edge of development, not only for this region of Africa, but for the whole continent

Speaking during the ceremony, its President, Prof. Margee Ensign, charged the graduates to be good ambassadors of the school in whatever endeavours they found themselves

During the interview with NPR’s Michel Martin, Dr. Ensign addressed security challenges in Adamawa State and in Nigeria, and how AUN, along with the Adamawa Peacemakers Initiative, is dealing with the state of emergency by maintaining the calm and opening dialogue with the local community

An Instructor in AUN’s Communications and Multimedia programme, Tahir is a doctoral research fellow in Mass Communication at the University of Maiduguri, his alma mater, and hopes to pursue fulltime teaching once his dissertation is completed