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There is a dictator in every Nigerian. We want to be heard, but we do not want to hear others. Even when we listen, it is not to understand but to muster ammunition for a belligerent response. The falcon does not hear the falconer. We have become so regimented in our cerebration that any view which does not follow a ‘’popular solitary narrative’’ is blitzed, and the messenger assailed ruthlessly. 

Kagame has since held forte for 20 years as President of Rwanda. As he does, a world which, like a famished hyena, hungrily proclaims “democracy,” has been looking the other way as the baboon is daily bathed with blood in Kigali. In 2017 when he sought re-election, Kagame went down in the Guinness Book of Record as the first president in the world who would be elected by his people with 99 per cent votes.