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To start with, it is an undeniable fact that no society develops if and when the forces inhibiting survival instinct far outweighs the idea, fantasy and the pursuit of development. It is also a fact that this has been the bane of Nigeria’s development and her evolution to a nation-state. They are perpetual pulls, which focus on unavoidable necessities of life among the citizenry.

One good thing though; while millions of Nigerians awaited another “bullaba blablabloo” verbal misadventure, the APC’s flag bearer (who is now more like a “flag stainer”) added more “words” (if you can call his trademark ramblings and incoherent, inchoate verbal defecations “words”) to an already swelling lexicon. Some of the new words were so incoherent that they cannot even be written down.

Like the audience at the Chatham House, the Nigerian masses will not back down from probing the APC flagbearer on the serious allegations facing him. These allegations, of course, hover around his biographical details, such as name, age, state of birth and origin, education, career, and the source of his sudden billions. Throw in perjury, bribery, forgery, and so forth… And now the incident at Chatham!