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“That’s a lie. You can’t say our President is on ground. As far as we are concerned our President is missing. He was missing at Owo and at very many places where disasters struck and our President was expected to show up as Presidents do in civilized countries” this garrulous University Professor, Idi-Ishin, was stamping his huge fist on the centre table at the University Recreation Club, with his hoarse voice reaching to the sky.  

Last Friday, while fielding questions from the Arise TV, self-styled military president, General Ibrahim Babangida, attempted to borrow the tool of satirists to analyze the decay in Nigerian leadership and the Buhari government’s love to go the way of traducers of Ojewumi. IBB, mostly likely accidentally, then zeroed in on satire to critique the government of Buhari while ostensibly dwelling on the manoeuvring, undulating curve of Nigeria’s leadership. His most subtle but profound pillory of Buhari in that interview was his largely satirical analysis of the persona of Nigeria’s widely vilified president from Daura. If you discover the satire in that analysis, you would realize that not for nothing did the Nigerian media nickname Babangida the evil genius.