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“The challenge of Sir Arumemi Johnson’s Arik Air Limited (in Receivership) under the auspices of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), may seem difficult, but the situation is not irredeemable. There is always a way out of every resolution situation however, there must be a situation of give and take, which is what we (AMCON) have been trying to achieve. We are ready to sit down with the owner or owners of Arik if they are ready to agree on what makes sense to us, to them, and the federal government. 

Recall that in September of 2019, the Vice President of Nigeria Prof. Yomi Osinbajo SAN, inaugurated an Inter-agency Committee to speedily resolve the challenges in recovering over N5 trillion AMCON debts. Osinbajo, who inaugurated the committee at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, had tasked its members to deploy their expertise in the assignment to ensure that AMCON meets its mandate within reasonable timeline.

At a press briefing to explain the recent take over of two Kwara properties by Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) owing to about N1.7bn debts of the Farm, the government said more than a cumulative sum of N5bn of public funds and loans secured with the government as guarantor have been sunk into the agricultural project with no traces of any dividends to the people of the state.

AMCON added that it had traced nine other properties belonging to the ex-governor in Kwara, Lagos and Abuja some of which include: houses at 13, Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere; No. 9 Wharf, Apapa, Lagos; Plot 3632, Cadastral Zone E27 of Apo, Abuja; Plot 4115, Cadastral Zone F14 of Bazango, Abuja; Plot 8502, Cadastral Zone E31 of Carraway Dallas, Abuja; and Plot 494, Cadastral Zone E31 of Carraway Dallas, Abuja