10 good reasons to have sex this weekend

I want to talk about the kind of fitness that you can start tonight to feel better, feel healthier. Yes sex. For some it might be a dirty word, but when you realise how healthy it can be, what is the problem of talking about it. Or better doing it? So I’ll give you some reasons here.

1. Sex can be good to lose or maintain your weight.
Why torture yourself at the gym every week while having sex you can lose an easy 200 calories? Sex not only makes your muscles stronger, you get more flexible and you’ll have a better condition. Doesn’t that sound great? But if you really want to maintain weight; don’t get pregnant women.;-)
2. Sex can relieve pain
And for you women who complain about headaches so much; Sex helps! Not only for headaches because it relieves pain when have you your period too. But not too many men or women like to have sex when the women are bleeding to death. Except for those two pains, it also helps when you got back aches. The reason it relieves pain with woman, is that their pain level gets much higher when they have sex. Or they don’t think about their pains anymore while enjoying the sex. So men, no more pain killers needed by the bed to try to convince your partner to have sex.
3. Sex can reduce stress
Yes, sex is relaxing. You’re less tensed afterwards. It doesn’t matter if you’re having sex on your own with mister bunny or with your partner. Hormones make you feel warm and relaxed. And say it yourself. What’s more relaxing than having sex after a stressful day at work or with your in laws?
4. Sex can be good for your immune system
People who are sexual active become less times sick. Sex reinforces your natural immune system and makes your body defend itself easier against viruses and other unwanted intruders. Why do I think about a phone call of my mother in law who wanted to come over and I told her she couldn’t because I was going to have sex with her son?
Also when you’re having an orgasm, the hormone prolactine is relieved and this can be used with Parkinson and Alzheimer.
5. Sex can be good for your heart
Yes there is more than omega 5 butter. Sex is good for your heart. It makes your blood run trough all your veins and lowers the cholesterol lowers your blood pressure and in that way it can prevent heart attacks. At least when you’re in good health to start with and don’t need to use too much Viagra.
6. Sex can be good for your self confidence and  for intimacy
When you have sex on a regular basis when you’re in a relationship, it will make you feel more connected to each other and the intimacy will grow. The warmth and intimacy will make you feel more self confident. What a bunch of hormones can do to you, right?
7. Sex can improve sleeping
Sex (and masturbation) can make you sleep better. Like I wrote before in, http://hubpages.com/hub/Bye-bye-insomnia–hello-sex, it’s good when you have insomnia. The physical effort you put into having sex and the hormones that are released when you’re having sex, make you feel drowsy, relaxed and then their often is no trouble getting into sleep.
8. Sex can keep you young and vital
Like my grandfather said when he was 90 and had a 55 year old girlfriend; Sex keeps you young and vital. You feel loved at your most vulnerable moment and feel good about that and start acting feeling great. That old man started jumping around the house after a good night of uhhh… sleep.
9. Sex is good for your mood
Feeling depressed? Had a bad day at the office? Stop being moody. Sex is the answer. Because of the hormones that get released after an orgasm, you feel much better and the day looks much brighter than it did at first.
10. Sex can reduce the risks of cancer
There have been studies finding connections between sexual activity and reduced cases of cancer. Men who had regular sex seemed to have less chances of cancer. I’m talking about prostate cancer. A man, who ejaculates regulary, has less chance to get prostate cancer than men who don’t use that “thing” enough or don’t use it at all.
Sex is just healthy
As you see, sex can be a healthy thing for yourself or for the relationship you’re in. Your body is responding in a positive way on sexual activity. So when you want to go to the gym next time, maybe you’ll think about spending an evening at home instead. Just enjoy together, but remember at the same time also, a good relationship is not all about sex. It’s not that easy hé?