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According to the critic(s) of the move by the Navy, which they likened Kano to a wilderness without anybody of freshwater and as such, it was ludicrous for the Navy to have a base in Kano, when the basic element (water) required by the Naval forces the world over is lacking.

The news headlines, the slant of the stories, the analyses and discussions, all tended to paint a narrative of the humiliation of our military, the failure of government, and the fact that anarchy had been unleashed on the land. Watching, listening to and reading all the deliberate obfuscation of the matter reinforces the conviction once again that our country is filled with haters of government, of humanity, of good, and even of God. They deliberately muddy the waters, rejoice at evil and all forms of iniquity.

In this third part, we hope to close this ‘observatory tower’ with few pointers that show actions and practices that invariably add to the emulsifying agents producing and promoting banditry and other criminal activities in Nigeria. Then, in the next and final part, set forth a slew of suggestions – as if the appropriate authorities do not know the proper things to do – that may galvanise our redemption, and possibly save the beleaguered citizens of this country from needless terror amidst the deadly antics of coronavirus, the natural painful consequences of a primitive political culture, and dire economic conditions.