Joy Akosa blames Toke Makinwa for neglecting husband

logger named Joy Akosa, has accused popular On Air Personality, Toke Makinwa, for not being there for her husband when he needed her the most.

In her recent article, Akosa said the Rhythm FM presenter should be blamed for allowing her husband return to his old ‘vomit’.

Read her article: Oh no! My hands are on my head and shouting ewooo!! So sad, eyahh, pele, I definitely know how you feel. I am not an advocate of fake news, but if what I am hearing is really true, then I am sorry for your misfortune. The news can be false and can be true, we don’t really know, since both parties involved have decided to keep mute.

Anyways, my usual way, I will always say the truth and be plain. Toke Makinwa is my role model, in fact, I love her very much; so, it saddens my heart to hear that your husband, whom you love dearly and have spent almost 14 years with, cheated on you, well, we know that is a norm with men, but he went as far as impregnating his ex. Jesus!!!. The most controversial part of it is that Toke herself hasn’t had an issue for her husband. Yet, he used his thing well inside another woman.