Spotlight on designer: Sasha P

This Law graduate-cum-fashion designer has got so much up her sleeves. With a new album in the kitty, she also doubles as a Cultural Ambassador for her home state, Ekiti. Her fashion label is known as Eclectic by Sasha.
Sasha P said: “No doubt, music and fashion go hand in hand. Music and fashion do go hand-in-hand. Many people didn’t realise that I had always done fashion. I don’t sew physically but I design as the creative director of the label.
“What I do basically is to choose styles, my brand is a retail brand so it’s not couture, it is ready-to-wear. I choose what styles would be made, what trends are happening and how we can make them affordable.
“Anybody that knew me in school would remember that I was making clothes even in the university.
“So it’s something that I have always done.
“My clothing line has been on for about eight years now.”