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SERAP said: “We urge you to publicly give an assurance that you and your government would end the worsening rule of law crisis, obey court judgments, genuinely combat grand corruption, and address the systematic and egregious violations of Nigerians’ right to life and security in several parts of the country.”

El-Zakzaky has been detained by the Department of State Service since December 2015 when he was arrested following a clash with the convoy of the Chief of Army State, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai in Zaria, Kaduna State, in which about 1,500 persons died

Today in Nigeria the Angel of Death stalks our very own tyrant like a vulture stalks rotting meat, yet despite that the demons that control his underlings, lackeys and minions refuse to relent and are still baying for the blood of the weak, the defenceless, the innocent and all those that oppose him

The IMN appealed to Nigerians to join them in mounting pressure on government to release him in compliance with court order and to enable him attend to his health