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Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, has an identity crisis.  Although its language and dominant culture is Yoruba, the people insist that they are not Yoruba but ‘Ilorin,’ an amorphous identity that does not draw from ethnicity but rather from a fluid cultural identity that evolved due to the unique history of the people and the city. 

Partly owing to man’s predilection for royalty and the lack of adequate understanding of the jungle, humans ascribe kingship to the lion because of its crown-like mane, overlooking the biggest, fiercest and most powerful of the cats, the tiger; as well as the biggest of the beasts, the elephant, both of whom can kill the lion – one-on-one.

Speaking at the 2022 edition of Ifa Festival in Akute, Ogun state, Iba  Gani Adams stated further that introduction of the two prominent religions in Yoruba land had really  made Yoruba people abandon their tradition and culture, leading them to poverty, retrogression and loss.

A united Nigeria remains the most operational means of preserving and protecting the variegated interests of those within the territory. While the ‘’big three’’ — Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba – jostle for sectional dividends, they forget that there are other groups — the presumed minority ethnic nationalities — in the phylum. Nigeria has over 250 ethnic nationalities, but are the supposed small lot lesser citizens? Should the interest of the ‘’big three’’ be the governing aspiration and grail of other groupings in the taxonomy?

Contrary to this, with the emergence of Oduduwa Republic, who are those that will be the citizens? Are they not the current Yoruba people? The so-called “area boys” of Lagos, are they not part of Yoruba people who will go with you? What will happen to them? Or we think they will become saints overnight? What will you do with the Yoruba money ritualists? In my own personal opinion these money ritualists are as bad as the Fulani kidnappers.