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Even the great President Abraham Lincoln attests to the inclusiveness of the democratic process and describes it as “the government of the people, by the people and for the people”. A quote that has reverberated the world over and Nigeria is not left out.

However, some citizens tend to find it very difficult to concede this right to others whose views happen to be different from their own on issues of importance to all. And some of these people profess to be democrats. Amazing!

We are entering into a red zone of “Who Dares Wins” that sets demonstrators under the aegis of Endsarism ideology against the warring, bullish, combative, brutish, tyrannical and reactionary forces of Buhari’s dictatorial resume. Gaslighters, bombthrowers and pacifists are shoveling into the trenches in a macabre war of social media civil war.

The governor, who stated this on Sunday during a special thanksgiving service to commemorate Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary, held at the Cathedral of St Peter, Aremo, Ibadan, added that despite the myriad of challenges facing the country, all hope is not lost for Nigeria.

Fayemi said Carrington diligently served humanity in his lifetime using the instrumentalities of law, academia and diplomacy in his home country and other parts of the world where he worked.

“I join millions of our compatriots, especially Mr President, to celebrate our Democracy Day. My profound respects go to all the heroes and heroines of our democracy, dead or alive, who paid huge sacrifices for their democratic beliefs,” the Governor said in a statement commemorating the 2020 Democracy Day.

According to his spokesperson, Lere Olayinka, the former governor, who spoke on today’s democracy day celebration, said it was painful that “legacy of free, fair and transparent elections bequeathed to Nigeria by the PDP government has been destroyed, with elections in the country now being held at gun point”.