Man attacks ex-lover’s new man, gets machete wounds

Eyewitnesses said Peace and his opponent, Divine Ndudim, aka Defence, were rushed to Federal Medical Centre

A possessive lover, simply identified as Peace, got more than he bargained for when he attacked his ex-lover’s new boyfriend.
Peace got bloodied after the new guy’s brother attacked him with machete.
The incident, which happened at the Amaoba-Ime, Umuahia area of Abia State, left many gasping in shock.
Eyewitnesses said Peace and his opponent, Divine Ndudim, aka Defence, were rushed to Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia, Abia State, after a bloody fight over a lady, Felicity Ogechi.
While Peace had his forehead and nose sliced, Ndudim sustained a swollen hand and had internal bleeding.
Eyewitnesses are however insisting that it was Ndudim’s brother who attacked Peace with a machete.
He was said to have attacked him after witnessing how Peace used a stick to injure Ndudim.
Some of the elders in the community said it was a taboo for two persons from the same village to fight and shed blood.
The taboo is called Erim.
The consequence of spilling blood is death if spiritual cleansing is not quickly carried out.
Peace was Ogechi’s former lover until he started using her as a punching bag.
Ogechi bore the beatings until Peace called it quit between them.
It was gathered that several attempts made by Ogechi to start a new relationship always failed because Peace would threaten and sometimes attack every prospective lover. Ndudim, who just came from Lagos State to the village, saw Ogechi and fell in love with her.
He expressed his feelings for her and she accepted.
The relationship was already beginning to take root when Peace heard about it and went after Ndudim.
Witnesses said Peace took to attacking and beating Ndudim.
Ndudim bore the beating and humiliation.
On April 22, Peace came to attack Ndudim again, but got more than he bargained for.
A member of the community, who didn’t wish to be mentioned, said he witnessed the incident.
He said: “It was Peace that started the trouble. He has been harassing Ndudim for long. Peace is a former lover of Ogechi. He used to beat her every day. He was also the one that told Ogechi that it was over between them. After breaking up with her, he refused to allow any guy to date her in the community. Peace used to harass and threaten any guy that wants to date Ogechi. Peace even threatened to kill Ndudim if he sees him with Ogechi.
“On the eve of the fight that led to the machete being used, Ndudim was seeing Ogechi off, when Peace suddenly jumped out from the bush and as usual pounced on Ndudim. He beat him up. The following morning, Peace saw Ndudim and this time, attacked him with a stick. Unfortunately, Peace attacked Ndudim in the presence of his brother. The brother ran and returned with a machete and attacked Peace.”