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First – Kanu was arrested on October 14, 2015, and subsequently accused and charged for “publication of defamatory matter contrary to section 375 of the Criminal Code Act by referring to Muhammadu Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as ‘a pedophile, a terrorist, an idiot and an embodiment of evil’ in a broadcast on Radio Biafra on April 28, 2015”.

For Senator Ekwunife, the judgment meant that the platform (or faction) of the PDP that produced her was illegal then and remains so to this day. Therefore, since nothing can come from nothing, Ekwunife figured that the only route open to her is to seek a new platform and outside the PDP. Ekwunife also correctly understood the judgment to have precluded a new PDP primary by the same faction the judgment held to lack the legal standing to nominate a candidate. Is Ekwunife right on this one? Yes, but with some provisos

This is not to say that a few people – deep, patriotic and sensible – have not shown some appreciation of the magnitude of the many demons the President has had to confront since his coming; yet those few are drowned out by the entrenched skeptical legions that have made a daily business of traducing the President untold. Sadly, this robs the public of a sensible critique of public policies, which will better guide – not harass – the President

So, what is the news? The news is that Buhari spoke truth to Nigerians, to Indians, to the world – on the true state of affairs in Nigeria, and the corrupt-ridden system that is the legacy of the previous administrations in the country. My hunch is that vast majorities of Nigerians don’t have any issues with the President’s candour, even though expressed overseas

Even if, as Buhari mistakenly believes that it does, it is not within his powers as a ‘President’ to make it happen by the sheer dint of his unilateral proclamation. Instead, the legal power ‘to institute and undertake; to take over and continue; or to discontinue’ any criminal proceeding or prosecution, including for corruption, does not lie with the President but with the Attorneys-General of the Federation and the States. Below is a mix of the legal and factual authorities