6.155kg heroin abandoned at Lagos airport

Heroin abandoned at Lagos airportDrug smugglers have abandoned 6.155kg of heroin at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos.
The banned drug, which originated from Pakistan, was left unclaimed on the conveyor belt at the arrival hall during the inward screening of passengers on Etihad Airways flight, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said.
The NDLEA commander at the airport, Ahmadu Garba, said the abandoned heroin was hidden inside a bag of clothes.
Two suspected drug traffickers were also apprehended at the airport while attempting to smuggle 2.035kg of cocaine concealed in cassava flour to Nairobi, Kenya and 2.485kg of cannabis to Qatar.
Oluwasheto Abiodun, a 39-year-old electrician, was found in possession of 2.035kg of cocaine, while Ibe Divine, a 33-year-old welder, was caught with 2.485kg of cannabis.
Both cases are currently under investigation, Garba stated.
Oluwasheto told officials that he was asked to send the drug to Nairobi by his childhood friend.
He said: “I am an electrician based in Lagos.
“My childhood friend asked me to buy perfumes, sunglasses and shirts for him.
“After I bought the items, he then called that somebody will give me cassava flour to add and send to Nairobi in Kenya.”
“However, during the search operation at the airport, two parcels of cocaine weighing 2.035 was hidden inside the flour.
“This was what led to my arrest.
“I was only given the sum of N300,000 to buy the items, but my action has led me to detention.”
Oluwasheto is a single parent and hails from Ondo State.
The second suspect, who is a welder, said in his statement that he wanted to sell the cannabis in Qatar for a high profit.
Ibe said: “I am a welder, but I have been working in Qatar as a labourer.
“I bought the cannabis for N15,000 in Nigeria with the intention of making a very high profit from it in Doha.
“In all l had ten parcels of cannabis hidden inside jeans trousers in my luggage.
“During the search of my luggage, I was arrested after the drug was detected.”
Ibe is married with two children and hails from Imo State.