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The birds in the bush, for the Senior Advocate of Nigeria was a return to the Senate, which he was the Majority Leader until 2015, while that of Ekere was the governor’s office of Akwa Ibom State, which he has been hunting for since 2006. To catch the birds in the bush, both of them threw away the bird they had in hands. In the end, the result of the 2019 elections used the two politicians to exemplify further that the proverb, to a large extent, is still worthy for a guide.

Appropriately titled: “The New Vision for our Collective Prosperity,” the plan recognises the need to return the state to the path of planned growth, which was enunciated by a former Governor of the state, Obong Victor Attah. Feedback from a cross section of our people indicates that the programme is well thought out and addresses major deficiencies of our socioeconomic life