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What Buhari’s interview precipitated was our final closure and proscription. We just heard it on radio. We had advertised that we were coming out with the Buhari interview and of course, we also tried to whet appetites by disclosing some of the things Buhari said in the interview

The trio, who spoke at a conference on Hate Speech and Campus Journalism Awards Ceremony organised by Youths Digest in Abuja, warned that hate speech, as evil does nobody any good, must be avoided by politicians and religious leaders in the interest of the corporate existence of the country.

Since Dapo is not one to talk about himself, much less celebrate a milestone, it is only fitting to do this tribute—for the sake of the younger generation of Nigerian journalists—in a country where true heroes and heroines are in short supply and charlatans and scoundrels, whether as lawmakers or chief executives, have taken over our political and social spheres.

The Chief of Army staff should be wary of busy-body consultants or lawyers who may wish to profit from the crisis by instigating him to take irrational steps against the media. No one fights the press publicly, especially credible media, in attempt to enforce censorship, not self-censorship, and get away with it unscathed