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Reacting to a threat by a group of Ukwa-Ngwa leaders to ostracise any kinsman, no matter his or her party affiliation, who contests against Governor Ikpeazu in 2019, Nkire described the threat as “archaic and undemocratic”.

Chief Nkire spoke after a meeting of Abia State stakeholders of the party on how to boost membership of the Igbos in the APC.
He said the APC was the surest means of producing a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction.

The former National Chairman of the Progressive Peoples Alliance further told Nigerians that an APC government under the leadership of President Buhari would make the welfare of the average Nigerian a top priority and would by no means toy with the productive sector of the economy

In a Christmas message signed by its National Chairman, Chief Sam Nkire, the PPA said the PDP must ensure that most of Nigeria’s resources is not used to service the welfare of the few people in government, leaving the rest of the people to wallow in poverty and unemployment, but to make life worth living for all Nigerians