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This is coming on the heels of a viral statement by the leader of South West Agenda, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, purporting that his group secured the support of Afenifere for its candidate during a visit to Pa Reuben Fasoranti, erstwhile Afenifere leader, on Tuesday.

Yet out of their desire to cast others in their mould and view people from their constricted, parochial perspectives, they framed Asiwaju Tinubu’s visit as politically motivated. They claim the APC leader was in that city in furtherance of his 2023 political ambition, even when he is yet to declare interest in the upcoming presidential race.

But Lagosians now pay toll, to and fro, at the Lekki profit gate everyday. Even the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, a true Lagosian, can’t mobilise fellow Lagosians not to pay at the Lekki bondage, sorry, boundary gate. Iyen ma lewu. Odikwa risky. Baba-Baba mustn’t hear that

I’m not a fan of Tinubu’s bullion-van politics. It’s a major drawback to our democracy. But, permit me to state unequivocally here and now that ALL of those thirsting for Tinubu’s blood are equally guilty of the very allegations they level against the husband of Oluremi