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The objective of the visit is to enable Dokubo evaluate the academic progress of the students, interact with them and address challenges in the course of their studies, in conjunction with officials of the Embassy of Nigeria in Washington DC.

“The U.S. must recognize the direct impact that racism, xenophobia and intolerance have in promoting violence and in creating fear and instability in ethnic and religious minority communities,” said Ahmed Reid in a statement from UN headquarters in Geneva, titled: “Perpetuating racism perpetuates violence.”

The Argentine forward experienced discomfort in his right leg during Monday’s training session and tests confirmed that the 32-year-old had suffered a grade one calf strain, forcing him out of the tour.

Speaking at the Made in America product showcase at the White House, Trump told a group of US manufacturers that in the future “domestic goods will have to have 75 percent of American, and 95 percent for things such as iron and steel” in order to be considered “made in America.”

“According to the agreement reached on Friday, the main opposition grouping, Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), and the military are to take turns at the helm of a sovereign council for a period of three years,” state news agency SUNA reported, with elections to follow.