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WhatsApp is versatile. It is user friendly. It can handle calls, messages, video, files and just about everything any computer can and, because it is encrypted end to end, nobody can read, see, or hear any of your stuff unless you want them to. Since adding the WhatsApp feature in April 2016, Facebook the parent company has sold its “end to end encryption” as the reason to use it above all other smartphone message applications. The pitch has been a roaring success. WhatsApp is currently the world’s most popular messaging app, with over two billion active monthly users. WhatsApp is used in over 180 countries. 54% of millennials and just over a third of baby boomers (36%) use WhatsApp daily.

People who had lived through Rome’s Carthaginian struggles, the Thirty Years War in Europe, Napoleon campaign in Russia or the 1916 Somme battles to the 1975 fall of Saigon would marvel at the capacity of man to inflict ghastly horror on a barbaric scale. War entails brutalities, grief, hardship, cruelties, looting, rape, devastation, casual violence against civilians, taking of prisoners and massive bloodbaths.

Since our independence, we have been treading the path of infamy because of Northern greed to conquer and colonise and turn us into willing slaves of their stock. We have been living with recurring nightmare of bloodbaths through Northern inordinate entitlement mentality to Southern Nigeria resources that feed their ego, worldview, and humanity.

Recently Gumi stirred up national uproar by some of his outlandish ideas about banditry, the Military and the tacit sympathy he has been nursing for the Fulani murderers. The whole social and commentariat space has been driven to a hysterical sense of utter disgust, anger and helplessness watching actor Gumi on stage as he draws our opprobrium.

For the past four years, I have been cursing Steve Bannon, arguably the architect and the most significant force behind the Donald Trump victory. Bannon grasped that in the digital age, political ideas must be draped over distinctive personalities to cut through the babel of electronic noises.

Nigeria in unity is a broken nation. Nigeria in unity is a wounded nation. The caliphate Fulani has built a false altar on to themselves. They want us to worship them and not bow down to other gods. But sad to say, we are not going to bow down to their crude false image of who they think they are. The south must serve its interest and its interest alone just as the caliphate had been doing since our independence.

We are entering into a red zone of “Who Dares Wins” that sets demonstrators under the aegis of Endsarism ideology against the warring, bullish, combative, brutish, tyrannical and reactionary forces of Buhari’s dictatorial resume. Gaslighters, bombthrowers and pacifists are shoveling into the trenches in a macabre war of social media civil war.

The burial of Senator Buruji Kashamu brought tears to many eyes at a moment of potent reminder that a man of uncommon touch and humanity had departed for the beyond. Again, his death is a reminder that a fatherly protector, brother, comforter, lifter, destiny shaper, grassroots empowerer and an able representative of his community was snatched away by COVID-19 complication.

The July 31, 2020 acquittal of psychopathic Adamawan thug called Senator Elisha Abbo from the gender-based violence instituted against him will linger for a long time like a malodorous smell in all legal chambers in Nigeria. In this judgement, Nigerians will be able to see the interior mental mooring of some of our magistrates and judges and the insult and disrepute they bring to the noble profession of law in this country.

The narrativization in most public domains is that it is a monstrous sin to violently invade a person’s most sacrosanct cavity for demonic, sexual gratification. We have seen black-shirted anti-rapist’s militant women with placards as they lay siege after siege at the seat of power calling out time against sexual monsters in our society.

Along with our search for money, we project our own sordid fantasies into what money could bring: big mansions, prestigious cars, fine clothes, first class air travel, houses abroad, gold, silver, carnal assignations with voluptuous figure 8 women, fine wines, snobbery and that instinct to insult and oppress the poor and helpless.

They were out to hide behind the fictional power of law as lawmakers to subdue and humiliate Keyamo who himself is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN). But thank goodness, Keyamo prized open the hidden shenanigans that daily occurs in the house for the public to see. And that for free!!!