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The Justice Ministry needs a better head than the current Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, especially in a nether Nigerian universe of shifting political, social and security paradigms. South West, my hometown, is now the epicenter of a new, explosive and racy geopolitical struggle between saints and sinners, war and peace, freedom and lockdown, wisdom and foolishness, good breeding and barbarism, tact and stupidity.

In spite of the revulsion and untidiness associated with cabal, we still accommodate and nurture it by successive administrations. During the government of President Umaru Yar’Adua, Information Minister, Dora Akunyili (deceased), accused the cabal who were making public comments on behalf of the President even when he did not say so. “These cabals should please stop heating up the system and allow President Yar’ Adua recover,” Akunyili said.

Critical voices are today emerging to launch one sortie or the other against President Muhammadu Buhari over the accusation that he heads a secretive cabal who are bent on holding him on the jugular. Can President Buhari be tethered to the whims and caprices including the sentiment of any Nigerian, living or dead, no matter how powerful? Can this President be remote-controlled by men-in-black who operate from the dark? Are we making wild presumption of the existence of this shadowy people? Is it right to accuse President Buhari of running a cabalocracy? Or are we, as a nation, becoming purveyors of heresies and fake news?

Lagos is a thrusting, virile, wild and erotic city. And Londoners and New Yorkers are turning Lagos into a geopolitical compression of orgasm. I have watched with keen, intelligent and clinical consistency the many sexual sorties, especially during Christmas period,

The two strands of philosophical conversations below were extracted from Prof. Tamunoemi Sokari David-West’s book, titled: “Philosophical Essays,” published in 1980. I am a proud possessor of Philosophical Essays first edition. It is one of the oldest books in my bookshelf. I bought my copy at Leventis Store in Lagos on August 8, 1980 for N4.50k!!! Prof. Tam David-West died on November 11, 2019 at the age of 83. I was vacationing in Ibadan when I heard of his death. Goodnight, the people’s philosopher. The timeless gem in your thought will remain the only “connectitude” to the labyrinthine philosophical anxieties of our cosmos. Sleep well and rest in peace.

To Abacha, the obdurate, thick, crabby, crackbrained and maximum leader, the tools of contest was not reason, consensus and compromise but oil, money, position and brute force. The theatre of his catfight with Wiwa was the Niger creeks, a terrain rich in the black gold but blighted by environmental degradation and malnourished in civilizational infrastructure

The desire to drive 2019 Model Jeep like the semi-literate Chairman of their local council is turning them into snarling and untameable dogs, who will, as readily, tear the throat of their innocent friends, girlfriends and strangers for their body parts to feed a new, devilish and cancerous desire to get rich

President Muhammadu Buhari’s story is the story of a once jackboot rebel, who, at a time of Nigeria’s military rule, straightened some of the contours of our national aberrations. Today, the same Buhari, hiding under the mantra of change, is the worst conformist of all time. Ancient Buhari, at the risk of what anybody might say about his early 80’s iron rule, made Nigeria work.

Brexit fever got to a dramatic head last Saturday when MPs, in a knife edge tug of war, voted to have it extended. On that day, the global space and the social media were colonised by the ferment of Brexit and what it portends for the free world. The Oliver Letwin’s amendment, which puts a brake on Brexit, was passed by 322 votes to 306. However, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in a defiant mood, insisted he would not negotiate a delay with the European Union and that the law does not compel him to do so.

Where is Abdulrasheed Maina? Can somebody tell him to swim ashore before a dragnet fishes him out? The drama of his disappearance is astonishing. Maina is a popular figure in the Abuja circuit of elite civil servants. He has his house and office in Abuja. He drives around Abuja. He canoodles his harem of wives in and around Abuja. Yet, this intrepid thief is mesmerising this nation. He is waoing us all with the masterstroke of a classic Houdini disappearing magic. Of course, in the warren of houses in Suleija it is easy to accommodate a rich fugitive. But Maina the absconding rogue is too self-assured to be seen bedding down among the commoners of bustling Suleija.

Nigerians are watching the unravelling of a fascinating story of political skulduggery in the ongoing saga of Professor Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. What we may perceive as a passing fancy is becoming a bruising and humiliating experience for Nigeria’s Number two citizen. We may be tempted to say that Nigeria’s democracy is going through a new phase where sacred cows will soon be a relic of bygone era.

Aaaarggh……….how time flies! Tomorrow October 1st, the global space will be colonised and the yearly ritual of Independence celebration will be in the air. Behind the meaningless red carpet; the billeted of dignitaries in Abuja posh hotels, the military salute, the hypocritical patriotism behind the green-white-green flag of this embattled nation, the over-inflated accounting of events organizers, the lies of paid acolytes, the leader’s empty promises, the simpering foolish ‘gloriana’ of the much ballyhooed image of Nigeria as a giant of Africa, there must be a probing pause of how bad we have fared as a nation.

Osu ba ba ba is here and a thick blanket of myth has fallen on the land ushering dreadful panic, morbid fear and travel phobia. Ba ba ba months are September, October, November and December. Pundits like veteran drivers, road safety experts, hardened ‘agberos’ and even Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi,

Predictably, the attack on Ekweremadu has forced a sharp blast of reactions from the rational to the irrational; from the artisans to the intellectuals, from the political class, with its duplicity, to the internet warriors, from mainstream media to the plethora of pluralized and digitalized YouTubers on daily steroid of manufactured scandals, panic and conspiracy theories