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Bogaru has been a childhood friend whose views, most of which turn out to be prophecies, I never take for granted. I knew him to be very brilliant academically and endowed with a fair share of native intelligence that he can predict with certain accuracy how a child will turn out later in life by merely observing his interactions with his peers.

That said, it is important to use this unfortunate circumstance as a teachable moment for Nigerians on the strict rules of the United Kingdom on organ transplants. Many Nigerians have rushed to share a letter purportedly written by Ike Ekweremadu to the UK Embassy to facilitate the travel of an organ donor for his child. The letter was written on the official letterhead of Ekweremadu as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Those sharing the letter hold the view that the letter is a full-disclosure instrument that ought to exonerate the Senator.